I have a dream!

Barack & Dalai Lama

Word of mouth is always the best recommendation!

In my dream…

His Holiness: “I tell you, Barack, this first book is such a delight that I’ve preordered the series. Such unusual characters and interesting twists and turns. I never heard of this woman, but she describes times when the sacred interacts directly with the ordinary, and with great and accurate detail.”
Mr. Obama: “Really?”
His Holiness: “Yes! Some of the stuff she writes about seems like it came from some kind of secret intelligence. It all seems so plausible. ”
Mr. Obama: “Uh oh.”
His Holiness: “I think you’ll really like this series, though some current politicians might not.”
Mr. Obama: (Chuckling) “Then I’m sure I’ll like it.”
His Holiness: “I’ve bought you the entire Energey Unveiled series for your Kindle. Let me know how you like it. Oh, and please share it with Michelle. I’d especially like to know what she thinks.”
Mr. Obama: “Hey, thanks. This is very kind of you. And I want to know what Michelle thinks, too. I trust her judgment more than anyone else’s.  We’re always looking for good books, and word of mouth is the most reliable way to find them.”

This is my dream. Please, nobody wake me up!

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