Real News! Important Announcement! It's a…


It’s a girl! Nope!    It’s a boy! Uh uh! 


A desert tortoise? An Elk? A horse? A chicken? A grey horned heidschnucke? An antelope? A storm trooper?


It’s a… It’s a… It’s a…a… Book Ta Da!
Ta Da!  
Book Birthing
It’s a BOOK! 
Not just any book, though.

The Crystalline Vision is born!

Crystalline Vision Smaller

And everybody is already reading it.


See what I mean?

Just how great is this story?

Well, how’s about this?

“What happens when good intentions and the right emotional vibration must align to harness the power of Earth’s energetic grid?  A multi-billion dollar tech company with eyes-in-the-sky potential – and a panicked CEO! And now that CEO, Ben Boyce, has a hostile government after him, one that is willing to kill for those secrets! Will Ben change from a skeptic to a believer before he loses everything? Will he be strong enough to protect the technology and keep it from destroying humanity?”

And this is just Book 1 of the Energy Unveiled series!

“The Energy Unveiled series forges through scenarios in which mystical interplay produces profound effects on ordinary reality, like The Da Vinci Code, Carlos Castenada’s Don Juan series, and the books of The Celestine Prophecy.

Woo hoo! Get your copy here:


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