Reflections Vol. 11: Truth is in the Whispers…

I will not screech to be heard in a forest of wild monkeys screaming and chattering a wall of noise. They create a sonic wave of distortion and confusion designed to separate me from Truth – and from the beautiful Reality that Truth knows It designed.

Truth whispers inside me, waiting for me to get still enough, quiet enough, to hear. Ahhhh. Really? Oh, my, I’ve been so hungry… Then I can whisper these messages to you, if you, too, are hungry to become more of your Self, and to live in the world your Self knows is possible. That Reality already exists, just waiting for us to feel it, see it, and embrace it.

Truth rests in that inner space where my personal aspect of Source that is currently incarnated draws Life – Inspire-ation – from Source. That’s where I can pull from the visions and possibilities of Love and Creativity to create the portion of the hologram in which I choose to live. This is the inside job where I choose from the possibilities the ones in which I will invest energy to make them probabilities – or something better. Yes. This or something better. I trust You. Show me what You an do.

I may grumble when it feels hard, when remnants of past experiences or the constant bombardment of those screaming monkeys gets to me, but I keep doing the work. I plow through, knowing what repeated experiences have taught me, that on the other side of this transition, everything is so much better. I know this is just another initiation.

I won’t join in the noise because over here in my deliberately created bubble of peace and quiet, exciting things are happening. Even when I can’t see them, I can feel them, like the seeds you know are sprouting in the fecund earth, beneath the layers of mulch and debris that are the nurturing ground of new life. Like the sap you can feel rising in the trees, It swells the buds of not-yet-visible leaves.

I will not name it, what is being born, because trying to define a new creation only limits it. I will spend time listening to the whispers and whispering back. This is a conversation, after all, an interactive process. It grows in loops and spirals, in jumps and starts, shooting me glimpses of itself from time to time. Some phases are not pleasing, being unbalanced and dark or muddy colors. The process is about exploring and experimenting. Hmmm, maybe not. I like this part, but that…not so much. The process requires imperfections and do-overs.

It’s all good. Even that wall of noise over there contains information. From over here, listening and watching in this quiet, sacred space, I can have compassion because I know I don’t have to participate. Certainly I don’t have to play by their rules. I get to decide. I get to decide to be Sovereign, which is my birthright, and yours, too. We get to decide to claim it. Then we get to decide when, where and how to activate it. We grow into ourSelves as Sovereign Beings, inspired by Divine insemination, sometimes by conscious small steps, sometimes lifted by a tsunami of change and rushed into a new Reality. A new State of Being.

You’re not likely to get there surfing the cacophony of screeching monkeys. You’re likely to get there retreating into the sanctuary of your own Being, where your Source whispers Truth to you all the time, even before you learn to listen. Even when you resist, there is only the Truth in the Whispers where You and Source meet inside you.

Learn to trust the Whispers.

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