Reflections Vol. 14: Bright Shadows

The space in which your external needs are met brings relief, celebrates connection, makes all your dreams and visions real.

O Universe, thank you. You do love me, after all. Finally I am seen. Acknowledged. Appreciated. Supported. I’m happy. Joy arises spontaneously within me and the world around me glows. I glide through magical moments in the flow of love.

And then –

What? What is this dark shadow – this uncomfortable feeling. No! No, NO, NO! Familiar but not a friend! You are so unwelcome. Do not dare to break this spell! I cherish this illusion, the false promise of unending bliss.

Well, shit! Why are you still here! Where do you come from and why now do you poke your unlovely head around the corner of my awareness!

Ah, what am I? Merely that old pattern of thinking, of feeling, no longer needed, certainly no longer appropriate, especially now in the light of your new bliss. I’ve come to show you what’s changed as I slip away into oblivion. It is the very safety that you now feel that permits you to cut the cords of my taunts, the obstacles that always caused you to stumble.

Go ahead. Feel me. Even resent me. Be angry that finally, when what you’ve longed for has arrived, it seems this old stuff sneaks up to slime your new state of being.

No, I cannot leave without once more capturing your attention. Careful now. This is a choice point. Will you latch on yet again? Or will you acknowledge my part in the stories of your past so they, too, can dissolve into the mists of memory?

As soon as you say “thank you” and “goodbye,” the sun of your glorious new reality will shine brighter again. And, of course,

the next set of shadows will show up to be loved into oblivion.

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