Reflections Vol. 15: A Psalm for Sofia

This beautiful goddess on whose body we live – I gave her every piece of my heart I could find and all those I couldn’t. I leaned into Her on purpose. I let myself feel Her. See Her. Let all the love in me flow towards Her. Celebrated the flow of colors and swirl of energy that is Her massive body.

I drank from the waters of awe that surround Her. She said, “Yes. Nurse at my breast, Beloved Child.” But it was my heart that took nourishment.

Ever since She has been sprinkling my path with gemstones of information that hold embodied secrets of creation and the energetic imprint of Her presence.

Part of me scoffed whenever I heard, “You are gods & goddesses.” Yeah. Right.

But now? I see a little bit more. More important than seeing is the knowing that stirs now in the cells of my body. The sizzle of my inner spark shoots lightning bolts through all my bodies.

Now I Am even more of Her.

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