Chilling prophetic warnings or chill-producing suspense tales?

You decide. But First…
It’s a Makeover – Ta Da!
A new look, a new feel, with the same heart-stirring stories inside!
That’s how it works, right? In a great makeover, you get to see the outside come into alignment with the inside. In movies and on TV, someone with a heart of gold – smart, funny, insightful, kind – loses the glasses, changes the hair, dons different clothing, maybe a little makeup, and Voila! The world can see the truth of what was always there!

I'm Baaaack – & Other Exciting News!

I’m B-a-a-a-c-k! I’ve been back from the pilgrimage to Bolivia and Lake Titicaca for over three weeks now. I’ve been holding it close, cherishing the sensations and the shifts, feeling the changes. So much happened. So many details to remember and see for the first time. The shifts in energy and the bonding with fellow […]

When Writers Conference

Any art form is essentially solitary work. The best offerings emerge from the depths of the artist’s soul. After a great creative session, one feels drained, tired and happy, because all that tumultuous emotion is now pinned to the page. In the best of all possible worlds, the artist then can reconnect with other artists, […]

Real News! Important Announcement! It's a…

  It’s a girl! Nope!    It’s a boy! Uh uh!    A desert tortoise? An Elk? A horse? A chicken? A grey horned heidschnucke? An antelope? A storm trooper?   NOPE! It’s a… It’s a… It’s a…a…  Ta Da!   It’s a BOOK!  Not just any book, though.   The Crystalline Vision is born! And everybody is already […]

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