The Universe Tricked Me!

Novels have always been my favorite reads, so when I thought of writing, I naturally thought of writing novels and short stories. I was as shocked as anyone when poems began pouring out of me! Yet poetry heals, comforts, delights and inspires me. It spills out of my heart when my head isn’t looking.
(I’m in good company. Erica Jong wrote that she was primarily a poet, though it was her book, Fear of Flying, that made her famous.)
So I hadn’t thought of writing a book until my friend Scarlett invited me to co-author a shamanic suspense book.
“I need your experience in shamanic energy work and I can supply the suspense.”
I was so on board.
Scarlett was about to leave for a few weeks in the old country, so she quickly drafted a couple of chapters and handed the project over. After I wrote a couple of chapters, I emailed them to her.
“Your turn.”
“Nope,” she said. “Too busy. Keep going.”
Well, OK, then. I kept going. And going. And going. Always sending output to Scarlett, who actually didn’t have time to read much. Scarlett and her mom returned – and tragically, the very next morning Scarlett’s mom died. Scarlett needed time to process her grief and make the necessary adjustments. I kept going.
One sunny afternoon Scarlett and I sat in my living room talking about things.
“I’m giving you the series.”
“What? But I want to do it with you.”
Scarlett nodded. “I know, but our writing styles are so different, it would be jarring for our readers to go back and forth. And you’ve taken the story in directions I never could have dreamed of. That’s not a problem. It’s just different. Sort of uniquely yours.”
“But…” I didn’t know what to say. “I need you.”
“I’ll be here. I want to keep reading what you write as soon as you write it. It’s just…well, it feels like the series was meant to be yours all along. I was just the vehicle to get you going.”
I sat there, stunned, feeling a strong sense that she might be right. OMG. I’ve really got to do this well.
And enough folks say how much they enjoy my books that I think I am doing well and I’ve found my passion! Honestly, now that I’m writing Book 3 of the Energy Unveiled series, I’m addicted to the stories that are coming through me. I’ve found the way to write that works for me, a mindset that feels like channeling. If the story begins to lose energy, I know I’ve missed something. I go back to the last strong place and listen. What comes always surprises me.
I’m blessed by friendships with a number of talented writers. I have mentors and community and a process that is stretching me, demanding focus and creativity. I have the bones of my next series – The Strategic Sisterhood of Divine Disorder –  and I’m doing me some happy dancing!
That tricky Universe. I’m so grateful. 😉
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And here’s Scarlett herself. Isn’t she adorable?!

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