Poet at WorkI was blocked. I was way past deadline on a crucial phase of writing.

I quit trying to push through, went into my bedroom and closed the door. I sat on the bed, ate a piece of chocolate, and partook of herbal medicine, then settled down in the muted light.

I could feel the block in my upper torso. It hit me that I had been avoiding looking at it for a while, which only gave it time to solidify. Shit! I’m a shamanic practitioner. I facilitate the clearing of blocks for other people. I could certainly do it for myself.

I opened my crown and energy started pouring in. My third eye pulsed. Electricity sparked through my shoulders and upper arms. I felt myself getting lighter. In my mind’s eye, I saw a dark mass in my field break into chunks that fell into the river of energy and were washed away. Phew!

I still lay with eyes closed, intending to drowse, but – Ja! The ideas started coming. I grabbed pen and  paper from my bedside and began to write, which is what you’re reading right now.

The whole point of spiritual work is to make life as good as possible.

This is me applying what I know in my own life. Don’t laugh. You’d be surprised how many wise and kind people forget to apply their wisdom and kindness to themselves.

So I’m signing off now to doze and envision my body and my life within a flowing golden current.

One request: please don’t leave without sharing a little about how you do this.  Thanks!

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  1. Great process, Barb! But you are so awesome at doing your internal process. I think that I initially avoid and distract until, like you just communicated, it comes to a head. I verbally process in order to see and conceptualize what is happening and look at it from all angles. Often times, just talking it through will move it through or at least lessen the bigness of it.

    1. And this is why sharing with people we love and trust is so helpful, eh, Sharon? Thank you!

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