Welcome to My World!

I live in the multiverse. I live in ordinary reality just like everybody, and also pay attention to messages in nature and and meanings. My communications with plants, animals, ancestors, guides and angels inform my perceptions and actions. They provide comfort through a strong sense of connection. They provide clarity about who I am this time and how to fulfill the soul tasks I have undertaken. You don’t have to “believe,” but if you decide to suspend resistance and explore my world, yours will expand. I promise. Act “as if” and see what happens.
Let my reality be one of your alternate realities. I’ll make it interesting and fun. We can play kid games and adult games and jump into great adventures. I’ll offer stories that spark your imagination or make you grateful for the openings that show up in your life. After being in my world for a bit, you will be refreshed, relaxed, and energized. I hope you will want to write your own stories, meaning that you claim the story of the life you want to live.  It wants you, too, more than you know. Simply feel yourself – every once in a while – for a few moments in the context you want to create. When you return to ordinary reality, you can feel that future pulling you into it, showing you how you changed to become that person. Do the next small thing and feel the momentum building. Isn’t this fun!

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