When Warriors of Light Fall in Love…

They met at Shawnee Joe’s Eats and Sleeps in the middle of Nowhere, Oklahoma. Terra, her cousin Ben, and Charlie, the brilliant woman who heads up his company’s R&D, had followed the signs to this rustic encampment without knowing why.

Will (William Wayra Windwalker) was already there, waiting, sent by the Elders to be mentor and companion to Ben on his long-delayed journey from rebellious immaturity to awakened service. Will is the kind of warrior everyone hopes Ben will grow into.

Weary from struggling through emotional confrontations, a tornado, an earthquake, and a life-changing vision quest, the travelers rest on the deck beside the creek with a cold beer. As the sun slips behind the trees, they hear drumbeats holding the base-line for a song of reverence and thanks to Father Sun in a language none of them know. Shortly after, Will strolls into their lives, creating a cohesive balance they didn’t know they needed and bringing a wealth of knowledge and skills to their efforts.

With wisdom born of experiences and choices, Terra and Will discover the energy drawing them to each other in the process of discovering how best to work together in the current crisis. It works so well they continue to work together, allowing trust and comfort to grow in spite of – or perhaps because of – the potentially deadly situations they must confront.

From their first encounter in Protectors of the Grid, through their deepening relationship in Protectors of the Path, to their surrender to love in Protectors of the Water, Terra and Will refuse to be influenced by society’s notions of when love should come, who qualifies, and what it should look like. As seasoned warriors with complementary skill sets and relationships with multi-dimensional allies, Ben and Terra are chosen to lead the Paladins, the free-lance team Ben funds to fight the SlaveMasters.

Darkness has come out of hiding. The threats Terra and Ben face emphasize the sweetness of what they share. When each time together could be their last, their souls push them past their fears to the passion and shared purpose that pull them toward tomorrow. Can they survive the attacks of the agents of the SlaveMasters whose seek to suppress the Gifts that want to come to humanity?

Protectors of the Path
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